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1. Terms and Definitions:

1.1 Agreement shall mean the text of this document with all its annexes, amendments and supplements and an agreement with a User concluded on its terms..

1.2 User shall mean an individual wishing to use or has already been using this Website in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

1.3 Registration shall mean successful filling of the registration form by the user which enables to create a Personal account of the user on the Website.

1.4 Personal Account shall mean a set of data relating to the user including the information given by the user and the internal information of the service relating to the user.

1.5 Messages and Materials (Content) shall mean informative statements and other posts of the user relating to the website topics including pictures taken by the user and the materials of other nature approved by the website which have been posted by the User and are available for an unlimited number of website visitors.

1.6 Spam shall mean Messages and Materials which contravene the current legislation of the Russian Federation and/or legitimate interests of the third persons including promotional messages and materials distributed without company’s authorization.

1.7 Flood shall mean messages and materials which does not relate to the topics of the website sections where they have been posted by the user as well as empty and meaningless, obscene posts or those which only aim to upgrade user’s rating.

1.8 Website shall mean website hosted in domains aorakishoppy.com and their sub domains.

1.9 Service (Services) shall mean a set of technical and technological opportunities of the Website provided to the user by the company after accepting the agreement.

1.10 Software shall mean computer programs and a database ensuring the website operation and storage of the information related thereto including audiovisual displays generated by those programs.

1.11 Model shall mean the three-dimensional object image uploaded to the website by the Licensor as well as associated scripts, textures and other materials intended for use by the other website users on the terms of this agreement and on the terms of offer, should it be necessary.