About Us

AORAKIshoppy are the largest marketplace for Animators, Visual Effects, Computer Graphics, Virtual/Augmented Reality and Gaming, backed by a very strong professional designer community. AORAKIshoppy are used by Animators, Game Developers, Architects, Visual Effects Studios, Advertisers and Creative Professionals around the World.

Our Main Goal is to save Studios and Companies the time of creating great models, characters, Backgrounds, Matt Paintings etc. Our Customers and Studios are very happy and they say that they can choose from a wide collection of high-quality models, characters which can be used in their projects, assignments, which shortens the project development time and save resources.

If the needed models, characters or Backgrounds etc. cannot be found on the site, customers can order the same – info@aorakishoppy.com.We also help professional studios generate business leads and increase brand awareness. We give talented artists, designers the opportunity to showcase their work, get valuable feedback from the community at large and learn from their superiors or professionals and also interact in a designer-friendly environment.

AORAKIshoppy’s main focus is to help artists, studios and businesses who supply those works to build their career as professionals. We sell their works at the best market price. AORAKIshoppy is the place to share your 2D Characters, Backgrounds, Matt Paintings, 3D Models, Textures, Green Matts, Blue Matts, Wacom Pads, Light Box with the world.

The company was found by experienced professionals in the field of Animation, Visual Effects media.